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Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that rely on the blood for their nutrition. These are usually found in cats and dogs. Preferably where there is lots of debris and dust accumulation.  Therefore, if there is any flea infestation, you need to consult the professionals right away! We are here to help you with the same. Our experts can provide you with the best flea control Epping services. 

With our services on board, we can assure you that we can get rid of the infestation as effectively as possible. When the infestation occurs in the domestic residence, you tend to observe bites leading to red spots. So, to prevent all these, and to protect yourself and your family from various insects; our flea treatment is going to be helpful. Here are a few features in support of why choosing us is going to be beneficial to you:

  • Our services are most effective and long-lasting. 
  • If you have pets like dogs around, we provide our customized flea treatment for puppies. 
  • Our services are affordable and budget-friendly. 
  • The Flea control Epping team has the most professional experts and is well-trained.
  • We offer our services within 24 hours of the booking time. 
  • We have hassle-free booking options with flexible timings for booking your slots.

To know more about our services or to get our flea pest control services, contact us instantly. For contacting us, you can call us at 03 4050 7720. Otherwise, you can even reach out to us through our website. 

Here Is How You Can Identify Fleas?

It’s very common for your pet dogs or cats to encounter fleas. The infestation can worsen with time and can have the ability to spread. So, it is necessary to detect the fleas and get rid of them as early as possible. Their droppings and eggs can also be a great sign for the identification of fleas. Get our dog fleas treatment to get rid of the fleas off your pet buddies. Here is how you can identify their presence in the first place:

  • Cat Flea: You can observe the presence of fleas by the itching behaviour of your cats. 
  • Human Flea: It’s important to look for flea bites around your knees and ankles. As fleas usually bite in these regions.
  • Symptoms Of Flea Bite: It causes itchiness and red patches around the area of the bite. 
  • Dog Flea: If there is redness of the skin and patchy hair on the dogs, it’s also a good sign of fleas. 
  • By Their Physical Appearance: They are typically black or brown in colour. Walking in your house around wearing white socks can help you in detecting fleas. 

Other Facts:

  • A thorough inspection of carpets and rugs will also help in identifying the signs. 
  • If you come across flea dirt, which looks like a pile of finely ground black pepper. So, in such cases don’t delay in getting the flea treatment

It is very important to look out for the signs and symptoms. As early as you can detect them, it would be that easy to get rid of them. 

What Measures Do You Need To Take If You Think You Have Flea Infestation?

It is important to take preventive measures to prevent their entry into the house. If there is already an infestation, you should definitely get professional flea control services. Apart from this, there are also certain measures that you should follow to keep their count at bay. They are as follows:

  • Make sure your backyard and garden are properly maintained and hygienic.
  • Essential oils act as a great flea-repellent and help in minimising their number.
  • Vacuum your space regularly, this will help in the removal of any traces of fleas and flea dirt. 
  • Removal of foods and water that can contract fleas is necessary.
  • Keep your carpets and rugs clean and tidy to make sure they are free from fleas, eggs and their larvae. 
  • Make sure your pet dogs and cats are protected against fleas. Run a flea comb along with your pets’ coats. Hence, this will help in the removal of the fleas present in pet fur.
  • Seek professional help right after you detect the signs of the infestation. 
  • Always inspect for the signs of the presence of fleas in your pets and your surroundings. 
  • Table salt works as an ultimate drying agent, so by sprinkling it on your carpets; it can kill both eggs and larvae present in them. 

To Know More About Our Flea Control And Removal Program, Follow Up!

Proper flea control program often includes the removal of fleas using various chemical treatments. Our flea control Epping also follows the same. First of all, inspection is an important part of any kind of pest control service. Since our experts use the latest methods and equipment to identify them; we would be able to get proper results from our end. Here is what our flea exterminators do: 

  • Thorough Inspection: We carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify the sources of the fleas. And also perform a gentle inspection on your pet dogs as well. If we find fleas on them, we provide our dog fleas treatment. 
  • Habitat Modification: We make necessary modifications to the habitats that they have been residing in. Like spraying the carpets and rugs with insecticides. Also, we perform the removal of fleas physically. It can be achieved by vacuuming the deeper layers of beds, carpets and rugs. This will aid in the removal of the fleas and their dirt from within. 
  • Chemical Treatments: We use insecticides in spraying for flea destruction and their prevention. We spray these in your backyards, lawns, indoors, etc. The insecticides that we spray are organic and pet-friendly. Therefore, they cause no harm to your fur buddies. We use foggers that help in spraying insecticides, which are bug bombs. These will minimize the flea count to the maximum. 

Our Team Offers Same-Day Flea Control And Removal Program In Epping

Our flea controlling and removal program is available in all the regions of Epping. Since our company is a local one, we offer our services to all the residents of Epping. Therefore, we can provide same-day services as well. Our flea control Epping experts will be at your doorsteps within 24 hours of the booking. We provide you with a prompt response once you make the appointment. We are service intent so, we perform all the things by ourselves. And all our experts are highly professional and knowledgeable about the total care flea control methods. 


Is your flea treatment available to cats and kittens as well?

Yes! We do provide our flea treatment to the cats and their kittens. In addition, it’s available to dogs as well.

Is your total care flea treatment available in Epping?

Yeah! Our team offers all our services across all the regions of Epping, no matter in which location you stay.

Do you carry out an inspection before performing the flea control services?

We perform a thorough inspection prior to performing our services. Therefore, This helps in assessing the intensity of infestation.