Rodent Control Epping

Rodent Control Treatments In Epping 

Just discovered mice or rats at your residential home or commercial place? We have excellent certified exterminators who put an end to rodent infestation at your premises. Rodent control Epping team of experts get rid of all the frustrating rats and mice with proper knowledge and equipment. Our Rodent control services Epping experts ensure a holistic strategy to provide active treatments that effectively kill the rodents. Therefore, our mice exterminator Epping team keeps your home safe and sound from all the damage and diseases. To put an end to rodent infestation once and for all, dial 03 4050 7720 today! 

Why Is Rodent Control A Must In Epping?

Rodent control is extremely crucial as they tend to spread numerous diseases. Moreover, they infest your kitchen and spread food contamination. Furthermore, rodents are even found to bite humans and pets. Therefore, to keep your family safe and healthy and away from any infection, hire rodent pest control Epping exterminators.

Types Of Rodent Commonly Seen In Epping 

The Epping region has quite a population of pests and in which rodents are included. Moreover, the most commonly seen rodent species in Epping include Norway rats, house mice, brown and black rats and also roof rats. 

Diseases Caused By Rodent and Sign Of Infections

Rodents are known to cause huge property damage and also multiple diseases to humans. Furthermore, these diseases include Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Hantavirus, Tularemia, leptospirosis and food poisoning caused by Salmonella. Moreover, their biggest signs of infestation are droppings, urine, holes in the furniture or walls, noises at night and chewing up upholstery etc. 

We Provide A Range of Methods That  Works For All Types Of Rodents

When it comes to rodent control, our mice exterminator Epping team provides the best treatments. When it comes to treating different rodent control, here is the process we include: 

  • Inspection 

When you book our services, our mice exterminator Epping team schedules a proper inspection. This inspection includes the checking of all premises for rodent hotspots which helps in identifying the rodent species. Furthermore, by identifying the species, our experts make a strategic treatment plan based on it. 

  • Treatment 

Our treatment plan includes strategic pest control treatments to restore the balance in the property and make it rodent-free. Moreover, our rat pest control Epping team will walk you through the entire process before starting it off on your property. 

  • Extermination 

Our exterminators are highly qualified and certified to carry out the extermination process. Moreover, we combine various processes like trapping, fumigation, baiting etc, to properly get the rodents out of your premises and exterminate them. 

Types Of Rodent Species We Control in Epping 

Norway Rats Control

These rats have blunt noses and small ears. Moreover, their tail is a bit fat at the base and it is semi-naked. Furthermore, the body is pink or tan. Our experts use baits and traps to get rid of Norway rats.

Brown Rat Control

Brown rats have brown fur and a pointy nose. Moreover, it has a long tail. Moreover, they are the biggest mouse species to be seen. Furthermore, our experts are familiar with brown rats and use proper rodenticides to get rid of them.

Black Rat Control

Black rats have a very pointed head in their adulthood. Moreover, they are large, with grey or black coloured smooth fur. Our exterminators use a fumigation process to reach out to every hot spot on the premises and kill the black rats. 

Roof Rat Control

Roof rats usually have black and brown fur with a lighter underbelly. Moreover, they are having large ears along with pointy noses. Our rat pest control Epping experts use bristle strips and glue board to get the roof rats in control.

House Mouse Control

House mice have large eyes and the fur is smooth. Moreover, it has short feet with a broad and dark scaly tail. Our mice exterminator experts use non-chemical treatments and safe pesticides to help in eliminating the house mouse. 

Call Us For Affordable And Effective Rodent Control Treatments in Epping 

Rodent control requires proper knowledge and experience with rats and mice. Rat pest control Epping team provides affordable rodent treatment that shows the best results. Moreover, our pesticides work against all types of rodents and are eco-friendly. Therefore, you get affordable rodent solutions with safe and effective solutions in both commercial and residential places. Book our cost-effective solutions for rodents today! Dial our toll-free number to book services!


How do I get rid of rats in Epping?

You can try simple D.I.Y methods and maintain cleanliness at all times. Moreover, if the infestation is extreme, then hire a professional rodent exterminator.

How effective is pest control for rats?

Rodent pest control services are extremely effective for rats as they tend to get to the source of the infestation and remove them from it. Moreover, pest control services are for long term results and also share prevention tips and tricks.

What is the most effective rodent control?

Rodenticides are the most effective rodent control among all the other methods. 

How do you control rodents?

We can control rodents using various methods like traps and baits, glue pads and pesticides etc.

What is the best pest control for mice?

The use of proper effective pesticides to eliminate mice is the best way to control mice at your premises.

Should I call pest control for mice?

If you start noticing signs of mice infestation, it is recommended to call a pest control professional as early as possible, before the infestation gets too extreme.