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Professional Moth Control in Epping – Complete Inspection And Treatment Services

We are one of the well-known names in Epping for providing professional moth control services. With many years of experience, we are still going strong in providing you with effective moth control Epping services. If you are looking for moth control in the house you can hire us as we provide our services for both residential and commercial areas.  And our moth pest control costs are affordable.

Moths infest your property and hide in small spaces and corners. Therefore for their eradication, you need professional help. Thus give us a call at 03 4050 7720 for the best moth control Epping service.

What Are The Indicators Of A Pantry Or Clothing Moth Infestation?

Clothes Moths

These are small and about 1/2 inch long. They are beige in colour. And prefer dark areas like closets, basements and attics. They can ruin your clothes and cause a lot of damage. The various signs that will help you to find their infestation are:

  • You may see irregular holes in clothes.
  • Larvae casings that stick to clothes in the form of tubes.
  • Crusty deposits on rugs, clothes, and drapes.
  • You may see small beige colour moths flying or crawling inside your home mostly in dark areas.
  • Excessive shedding of furs from clothes.
  • These can also attack the carpets of your home and wreak their look. Thus carpet moth extermination is needed.

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths mostly lay their eggs on food & grains. An adult pantry moth can give about 100 eggs near or around food sources. So if you see an adult moth then there are chances of infestation in your house. Therefore pantry moths extermination is necessary. The other signs of infestation are:

  • If you see holes in plastic food bags, this hints about infestation. 
  • Eggs or larvae inside or around food sources.
  • Small and drab-colour moths flying and crawling around your house.
  • web-like material inside the corners of the pantry.

Moths: Are They Dangerous?

Moths are not that dangerous as they don’t bite. But they can ruin your belongings and create a nuisance. The various other reasons that make moths extermination necessary are:

  • Clothes moths damage your clothes. Also, their droppings on clothes can also cause allergic reactions to you.
  • Moths also attack your carpets and can damage them. Thus pest control carpet moths are important to maintain the look of your carpets. 
  • The droppings of moths can contaminate your food and cause illness when you consume it.
  • In the caterpillar stage, the hairs can cause asthma attaches if you come in contact with them indirectly. Therefore, moth caterpillar control is necessary.
  • Some moths can disturb you while you sleep as they become noisy and create discomfort.
  • White moths can destroy your crops, and thus should be immediately dealt with.

We Follow Three Steps To Control Moths

The three-step process that our moth control Epping team uses are:

  • Moth Inspection

Firstly, our team will start by inspecting your whole house. Such as cupboards, kitchen drawers, attic, basements, storage room, etc. our team will look for signs of infestation like torn clothes, contaminated food, moths eggs, larvae, etc. Afterwards, we will make a report with all the findings.

  • Effective Treatment

After the inspection step, our team will remove all the moths through effective chemical and non-chemical treatments. Then we will seal all the entry and exit points. In the chemical method, we use insecticides and the non-chemical method includes fumigation, traps, etc.

  • Moth Prevention Advice

To avoid moth infestation you should check storage spaces, and cupboards regularly. And if you see something different then take action immediately. Keep your kitchen clean and store your food in airtight containers.

Why Should You Choose Us To Solve Your Moth Problem?

The various points that make us the best choice for you to choose for moth control Epping are:

  • Local Team Of Qualified Experts

Our pest exterminators are locally based and are qualified at their job. We also provide winter moth control service. You can give us a call for cabbage moth control also.

  • Appointments For Short Notice

For same-day or emergency service you can call our experts. We will reach your place within an hour or so.

  • Certified Moth Control Services

Our moth control Epping services are certified. And all the products and methods that we use are approved by the professionals.

  • Affordable Cost

Our moth exterminator cost is affordable so that you don’t burn your pockets for the professional eradication process.


Is the food infested by pantry moths eatable?

No, we will suggest you throw it away as that food is contaminated.

Do clothes moths feed on synthetic carpets and clothes?

Clothes moths prefer carpets and clothes of natural fibres. Thus if you see any damage to these synthetic materials then there might be beetles infestation.

Am I required to do anything before the control process?

Yes, we will suggest you cover all your unaffected belongings with any big piece of cloth and leave the affected area untouched.