Know About Ants Vs. Termite

Ants and termites both are very common pests that infest the home. Both these cause huge destruction. All over the world, both these pests cause billions of damage. Many people make mistakes in identifying these nasty pests. Both these pests are believed to spread their species in different areas. So, if you notice any winged pest in your home it is very important that you do a termite inspection.

termite inspection
termite inspection

Distinguishing traits of termites or ants

  1. Termites that swarm are pale in color. And, if we say about ants then, they have a mixed body color including black, red, or brown.
  2. Swarming termites or flying ants both have two wings. So, how do you differentiate? Well, termites’ wings are equal in length whereas an ant’s body is very recognizable.
  3. Like ants, termites also have three body segments. But, their waist is not thin like ants.
  4. Ants have bent antennae whereas termites have straightened antennae in their body.


Ants and termites are both pests that invade the home for different things or purposes. Pest inspection can help you to identify as well as know their motives to invade your home.

  • Carpenter ants create their home by chewing the galleries. They generally start with damped or damaged wood and then, they slowly spread to enlarge their colony. But, their main motive for invasion is not the wood rather it’s the food sources that make them invade your home. So, for ant control keep food sources away or sealed.
  • Whereas termites’ main motive for invasion is to eat wood. Their main food source is wood and that’s what makes it more difficult to find termite infestation. For the sake of your property, you should do termites inspection in your home frequently.


If you are noticing wings in your home or your window corners, then, that’s a sign that you have termites or ants in your home. But, now the main thing comes. You have to identify which one of these pests has taken over your home and for that, you need to termite inspection your home. Termites inspection is not a tough job, you can easily do it on your own. If your schedule is not allowing time for the termite inspection, then, you can hire experts for inspection.

There is a drawback of DIY termite inspection too. You are not the experts and even if you find out about the infestation, still you will not be able to check how it is spread in your home. For termite inspection, you should call pest control experts only, many companies don’t charge for inspection, so get it done.

If you will not do anything for a termite inspection, then, you might end up spending all your savings on repairing. Termite inspection once every three months will be enough, it will help you to save your property from disastrous pests like termites or ants.


Subsequently, we have concluded this article with informative things related to ants or termites that you needed to know. Follow the article and understand the difference between ants and termites.